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Want To Get More Money From The Reverse Mortgage You Already Have?

Golden Years specializes in helping homeowners, who already have
a Reverse mortgage, get more money, a lower interest rate
and protect their equity for their heirs.
We Shop Around for You and Give You 4 Great Rates to choose from.

You may be eligible for:

  • More Money every month
  • More Money in a lump-sum
  • More Money in your line-of-credit
  • All three of the above

“Golden Years helped us redo our reverse mortgage and got us $40,000 more in cash and lowered our interest rate by 4%. We’re very pleased”
– John & Sarah Pellingham, Los Angeles CA

“Our bank told us we couldn’t get anymore money out of our home. So we contacted Golden Years. They helped us get more money in our line of credit and a lower interest rate. We couldn’t be happier”
– Linda & Brian Davila, San Diego, CA

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